Mar 25, 2022

ADCI Celebrates 35 Years in the Industry

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or 35 years, ADCI has expertly guided clients through the complexities of building, renovation and planning projects while positioning them as leaders in their communities.

From its early days as a sole proprietor with four employees, the firm has now grown into a team of 50-plus with offices in Wisconsin Dells and Madison, WI — and has long since expanded to include integrated interior design and construction administration departments.

The firm now offers a wide range of professional services including master planning, space programming, site feasibility analysis, architecture, interior design, code compliance studies, property improvement plans, and renderings and animation.

Over the years, ADCI has applied the talents of its staff to a diverse portfolio of projects, serving clients in the event center, professional office, restaurant, hospitality, resort, retail, municipal, religious, education, industrial and senior living markets.

The firm has truly changed the landscape of its hometown, touching hundreds of businesses in the Dells area in one way or another. It has also become a sought-after expert in hospitality and indoor waterpark design, with projects located all around the continental United States.

ADCI continues to improve on client service by increasing its understanding of client needs and expanding its expertise in various markets. Looking forward, ADCI plans to build on its success by hiring diverse talents and applying those talents to a growing scope of services.