Master Planning & Site Analysis


Grow Strategically

We determine objectives, milestones, critical issues and program components to achieve your end goal. Master plans help you grow in a strategic, cost-effective manner.


  • Master development goal setting and programming to set your competitive advantage
  • Competitive site analysis and comparisons to reduce risk
  • Site building arrangements, future expansion, circulation, public approach and operational flows to support orderly development
  • Sustainability analysis to orchestrate long range investments
  • Project development of ROM Budgets to optimize financial commitment
  • Phasing diagrams and timelines to open at the best possible time
  • Analyze easements, setbacks, zoning and regulatory requirements
  • Rendered master plans and drone flights to visualize the development early on
  • Branded materials to draw potential investors
phases of development

our process

ADCI’s project managers are holistic thinkers that adopt and champion your vision from concept design until you turn the key. Great project management involves keeping project details in order; the design team, schedules and budget on track. Exceptional project management goes beyond organizational skills and includes the ability to anticipate project difficulties and respond proactively to avoid them.

ADCI process phase 1


Big-Picture Consultation and Project Analysis

  • Understand owner needs and dreams
  • Consider long-range planning
  • Create master site/use plan
ADCI process phase 2


Project Planning

  • Develop program requirements
  • Plan space use and circulation
  • Develop concept design and budget
  • Prepare milestone schedule


Project Design

  • Collaborate with owner and consultants
  • Integrate interior design
  • Align design with budget
  • Prepare detailed construction documents
  • Conduct quality control review
ADCI process phase 4


Project Construction Phase

  • Supervise and coordinate bidding
  • Represent owner through construction
  • Conduct on-site observations
  • Report on status, progress; facilitate close-out