Saint Thomas Aquinas Renovation

Madison, WI


Building Information
  • Phase I: 1,427 SF
  • Phase II: 4,724 SF
  • Phase III: 17,861 SF
Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Congregation, Inc.
  • Bill Ryan - Project Principal
  • Brad Servin - Project Architect

Renovations at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Madison, WI, were broken out into three phases, starting in 2019.

Phase I included renovations to the choir area, the sacristy and the confessional spaces; Phase II featured updates to the social hall and church kitchen; and Phase III finished out the project with an overhaul of the community rooms.

The ADCI design team met with representatives from Saint Thomas to help pinpoint the goals and priorities of the Parish. From there, the team was able to sketch out a timeline, develop cost estimates, and discuss funding plans.

Saint Thomas’ overall vision for the project was to increase accessibility to public spaces, update finishes, and combine, enlarge or reconfigure social and gathering spaces to meet the current needs of the congregation.

The result is a warm and inviting, modernized space that offers an increased ease of use while holding onto the original building’s unique character.


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