Oak Park Place Senior Living

Baraboo, WI

New Construction with 2 Subsequent Additions

Building Information
  • 3 Stories
  • Original Building: 138,504 SF
  • 2014 Addition: 23,500 SF
  • 2015 Addition: 6,186 SF
  • 2017 Additions: 10, 200 SF & 57,350 SF
Alternative Continuum of Care, LLC
Original: 2008
Additions: 2008 - 2018
  • Bill Ryan - Project Manager
  • Brad Servin - Project Architect
  • Stephen Kroon - Project Architect
  • Josh Nagel - Construction Administrator

Our client brought ADCI a vision of a community where their clients could grow as they age and rely upon in times of need. ADCI adopted this worthy concept and together with our client conceived the Oak Park Place Independent Living Facility, which offers a full range of services including Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care to residents, so they can remain within their own community as they require more attention.

Nestled into the natural terrain with a view of the Baraboo bluffs, the building is designed to interact with its surroundings with an entry water feature that provides a park like progression to the Market Place Commons. Close attention was also paid to scale, texture and detail to create a warm and personal neighborhood community.

Of course, the vision can't be realized unless the operational considerations are properly accounted for in the design. This was achieved through an efficient layout that maintains the neighborhood ambience, yet reduces staffing requirements and the long routes often associated with buildings of this scale.

Since the original building was completed in 2008, the owners have tasked ADCI with designing multiple additions.


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Zane Williams