Todd Frawley, PE

partner | vice president lake delton operations

Todd joined ADCI in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering with an emphasis on the structural aspect of design. One of Todd’s strengths is to combine his education with his in-the-field experience to provide well thought out plans and details that both the client is satisfied with and the contractor is comfortable building.

While at ADCI, Todd has taken on multiple roles and responsibilities as project manager, lead designer and project quality control, making great use of his engineering background. As a senior project leader, Todd oversees a wide variety of projects ranging from small retail projects and renovations to expansive indoor waterpark resorts.

"I go into every new project knowing that in our client’s view it is the most important project we are working on here at ADCI. I enforce that belief in our team to ensure the final product achieves the client’s goal professionally and on schedule."