Ryan McKichan, ALA, NCARB

partner | senior architect

Ryan joined the firm in 2004, bringing with him an already rich understanding of the construction industry. That experience, coupled with his unique blend of creativity and intentionality, has made him an essential asset to ADCI’s hospitality team and more recently to its ownership group as well.

In Ryan’s years as an architect, he has repeatedly demonstrated both his artistry and his technical prowess on high-profile projects that demand constructability as well as streamlined operations. He has a passion for finding the most effective ways to highlight unique design features, while honoring both the client’s vision and the functionality of the space.

"ADCI excels in attentive listening to align with clients’ unique visions, and I’ve been an architect here for nearly 20 years because of it. A successful project goes beyond deliverables; it’s about fostering lasting relationships and bringing those visions to life."